medicusmundi launches community campaigns for prevention and malnutrition reduction in Namuno, Montepuez and Ancuabe Districts

medicusmundi expressed is feeling of honor for supporting, organizing and being present with the Government and the strategic sectors in Cabo Delgado province, at the launch of  Community Nutrition Campaign, which took place between 16 and 23 November 2020, in the Namuno districts of, Montepuez and Ancuabe, with the motto “NUTRED COMMUNITY, HEALTHY COMMUNITY”.

The Government of Mozambique has taken the fight against malnutrition as one of the highest national priorities in order to improve human capital and the health of the population, with special attention to children and pregnant women. medicusmundi, partners of the Provincial Health Directorate and the SDSMAS of the three districts involved, joined the fight in the face of the challenge of malnutrition, which calls for and requires a convergence of efforts from all sectors of society. Recognizing that chronic malnutrition in children requires a thorough knowledge of the cause, medicusmundi conducted a consultative exercise on the causes of malnutrition with various sectors of the Government, focusing on the social determinants of health, with a view to improving services and primary health care.

medicusmundi has renewed its commitment as a partner in improving nutrition and health programs in general in the communities of the target districts, and in strengthening its institutional capacities to provide services.

The event was attended by the excellent administrating ladies of the above mentioned Districts, Heads of the administrative posts of Mahossine, Nacololo and Mapupulo, Namuno, Ancuabe and Montepuez Districts, respectively, also attended by the Directors of the District Services of Health, Women and Social Action, Health technicians and professionals, local musicians, theater groups and the community in general.

In the games, an average of 70 volunteers from each village where the launch took place; the winners were awarded a pair of capulana and an agriculture kit (hoes, machetes, plastic boots) to encourage the community to practice more agriculture for family consumption and thus prevent the emergence of malnutrition. The other volunteers were also given prizes for participation based on the existing kits.

The Nutrition Campaign with the motto “Nutrida Community, Healthy Community”, which will continue until February 2021, aims to promote the nutrition, health and well-being of the population, especially of the most vulnerable groups (younger children) 5 years, pregnant and lactating women). Over the next few days, several nutrition and health actions will be intensified at the level of the communities in the districts mentioned above.

medicusmundi, represented by nutritionist Rufina Amade, appealed to families, men and women, parents, mothers and caregivers of children under five years old, teenagers, teenagers and young people to participate in the Nutrition Campaign where health services will be even closer to their homes.