Medicus Mundi signs the Alliance for Health's position on the doctors' strike

With regard to the current strike by doctors in Mozambique, the Alliance for Health expresses its interest in supporting the independent commission that will assist in bringing the parties together. medicusmundi is one of the member organizations that signs this position.

Advocacy for PHC


As members and promoters of the Alliance for Health, we are sensitive to this impasse between the Medical Association of Mozambique and the Government of Mozambique, as it affects the normal functioning of the National Health Service. Therefore, our greatest interest and concern, as a network defense of the right to health, is that this situation ends as soon as possible, so that the deficient, if not the absence, of medical assistance to users is not perpetuated. But, above all, that the parties involved find peaceful mechanisms together based on dialogue, so that in the end, consensus can be reached that guarantee the return to normality for the proper functioning of the National Health Service.

Let us assert the slogan that defends that OUR GREATEST VALUE IS LIFE.

Read the full statement: here.