Allied organizations

We want to work with all the people and organizations that consider that health is a human right that must be guaranteed for all people.


"Spanish Agency for International Development Cooperation - AECID "

The Spanish Agency for International Cooperation for Development (AECID) is the main management body of the Spanish Cooperation, focused on the fight against poverty and sustainable human development.
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European Union - EU

The European Union is represented in Mozambique by a Delegation in Maputo, established in 1985.
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Catalan Agency for Development Cooperation - ACCD

The Catalan Agency for Development Cooperation (ACCD) is the body of the Government of Catalunya responsible for managing the policies of development cooperation and humanitarian action.
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Generalitat Valenciana - GVA

The Valencian Cooperation for Sustainable Development, as a public policy of the Generalitat Valenciana, includes the range of actions and resources, which are put at the service of the most disadvantaged communities, in impoverished countries, from the gender, human rights and childhood rights approaches, thus contributing to the eradication of poverty, human, economic and social development, the defense of human rights and international relations based on justice.

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Barcelona City Council

The cooperation for the development of Barcelona City Council has become a distinctive and key policy, which at the same time shows the profile and leadership of Barcelona in the growing internationalist activism of the cities and also its support and commitment to the active solidarity of citizens and civil society organizations.

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Ministry of Health of Mozambique - MoH

MoH is the maximum institution responsible for health care delivery in Mozambique.
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N'weti - Comunication for Health

N'weti is a Mozambican non-governmental organization focused on communication for health.

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Centro Terra Viva

Centro Terra Viva - Estudos e Advocacia Ambiental (CTV) is a Mozambican non-governmental institution of environmental research and intervention.
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Fórum Mulher is a network of non-governmental  and non-profit organizations, governed by private law, created in 1993, with nearly 35 effective members, which are national civil society organizations.

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Faculty of Medicine of Eduardo Mondlane University - UEM

The Faculty of Medicine of Eduardo Mondlane University has been offering a degree program in Medicine since 1963 and has trained more than a thousand medical doctors for the country.
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Institute of Social and Economic Studies - IESE

IESE is an independent organization that carries out scientific research in order to feed the public debate on economic, social and political development issues in Mozambique.
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MASC Foundation - Civil Society Support Mechanism

"The Civil Society Support Mechanism Foundation - MASC, is a non-profit non-governmental foundation that implements actions of: • Resource mobilization • Build capacity for CSO • Knowledge sharing and brokering role • Monitoring and advocacy to contribute to the process of democratization and social justice in Mozambique "
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"Network of International NGOs working in Health and HIV in Mozambique - NAIMA + "

This is a representative network of international NGOs working in the area of health and HIV/AIDS in Mozambique.
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