Improving municipal policies for people with disabilities in Maputo

Contributing to the Right to Citizenship and Health in Maputo, promoting universal accessibility for people with disabilities to increase their autonomy, non-discrimination and equality.

In all populations, significant differences in health status are observed between people with and without functional limitations. In this sense, it is necessary to guarantee the right of people with functional diversity to an autonomous and healthy lifestyle and eliminate any type of barrier that prevents equal opportunities.

In Mozambique, and in Maputo in particular, despite incipient advances, such as the proposed law to defend the rights of people with disabilities, the reality is that they face constant serious discrimination in their daily lives, limiting the right to the city, the right to health and other fundamental rights.

The project, executed by medicusmundi Mediterrània, in collaboration with the City Council of Maputo and the Association of People with Disabilities of Mozambique (ADEMO), will develop transversal municipal policies, increase quantitative and qualitative knowledge about people with different disabilities in the city, lead to carry out concrete actions to improve accessibility and will launch a citizen awareness campaign and active support to defend the rights of people with disabilities and improve their quality of life. This project also has de technical support and advice of the Municipal Institute of People with Disabilities of Barcelona.

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