We want to make available to you all documents, reports, documentaries, videos and other methodological tools with which we contribute to improve the health of Mozambicans.

Environment Training Modules I

Environment I is a module that provides basic and elementary knowledge about caring for the environment. The document contributes to generating significant positive and responsible change, particularly in Artisanal and Small-Scale Mining sites.

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Environment Training Module II

Environment II is a training module that provides basic and elementary knowledge about environmental management in areas degraded by artisanal mining, in order to contribute to generating significant positive and responsible changes in the environment in which mining activities are carried out. This module complements the Environment I, Knowing and Caring for Our Environment brochure.

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Association Training and Legislation Module

Associations and legislation are part of the objective of making the artisanal mining activity more dignified. One of the vectors used to achieve this objective is the promotion of associations among mining operators. Therefore, in a nutshell, this brochure presents the main aspects of associativism.

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Training Module Rights and Participation

This module was produced with the aim of reinforcing the contribution to a process of dignification of artisanal mining, a process that began recently in the country, through the systematization of a more comprehensive knowledge on the part of artisanal miners and their organizations, in order to improve mining techniques, including mechanisms for participation in decision-making spaces that affect the sector.

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Quantum GIS Training Manual – GIS QGIS 3.4

Basic management of Quantum GIS 3.4, is a manual and a guide on using a free software that serves to draw digital maps and project (release) georeferenced data. Georeferenced data are those that are linked to a place (point) whose geographic coordinates are known: longitude and latitude. In this case, the place could be a more or less extensive artisanal mining site.

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Diagnosis of Social Determinants of Health that influence Malnutrition in the Montepuez District, Cabo Delgado

From 10 to 13 September 2019, a survey of the health services' functioning processes, needs and response took place, in the Montepuez district, in order to reduce and prevent malnutrition. This evaluation involved the participation of several district services (SDSMAS, SDPI, SDAE, SDEJT), Health Committees and caregiving mothers from four randomly chosen villages. The results of this diagnosis are now made known by medicusmundi and reveal, as the main aspects contributing to the high rates of malnutrition in Montepuez, the following: low access to food, shortage of funds to acquire them, poor knowledge about nutrition and consumption of inappropriate water.

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