Publications Training promotes a less Polluting and Dangerous Gold Extraction

We want to make available to you all documents, reports, documentaries, videos and other methodological tools with which we contribute to improve the health of Mozambicans.

La Fiebre del Oro (The Gold Rush)

In Cabo Delgado, Mozambique, the poverty of the population and the wealth of the subsoil remain irreconcilable, sweeping the lives of hundreds of miners. Marcelino ventures into the depths of the earth in search of ruby in a hole like the one where his brother died. Toni works in a mine where there is hardly any gold left. These are just two of the thousands of stories from this remote place on earth, but ... did you know that your health also depends on your work?
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Bórax training manual

The use of mercury in the extraction of gold is one of the causes of the health problems not only of mine workers, but also of the population in general. This manual presents the alternative method of using Borax as a non-polluting technique that, according to several experiences, also increases the productivity of gold extraction.

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