We want to make available to you all documents, reports, documentaries, videos and other methodological tools with which we contribute to improve the health of Mozambicans.

School Health Manual

A manual to educate and sensitize the adolescent population about the right to health and promote healthy habits.
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Primary Health Care: Let's Make it Real!

A brief summary of our diagnosis on Mozambique's health sector, and our proposal of how to make the dream of health for everyone a reality, through the application of Primary Health Care.
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A Luta Continua (The Struggles Goes On)

A documentary by medicusmundi and Kanaki Films on the tortuous itinerary followed by Mozambique in order to build its public health system
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Development Plan of the primary level Healthcare Network of the municipality of Maputo

A development plan for the Maputo health network that considers the existing installed capacity and how the network should grow and be restructured to respond to the health needs of the population of the capital.
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Clean streets in Pemba

A health promotion video prepared in collaboration with the Pemba Municipal Council to raise awareness among the population about the importance of municipal hygiene for Public Health.
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